About Us

Our Story

The Boiling Springs Community Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization. Our vision to bring a gathering place to the Boiling Springs Community is supported only through the efforts and donations of people like you.

The Boiling Springs Community Park is located at 182 Rainbow Lake Rd. It is a small park, nestled in the heart of the community. In years past, the land was the home of several prominent Boiling Springs families. The first known occupants were the Rev. Hamilton Bishop family. The families of James and Pleasant Bishop and Charlie and Annie Brown later occupied the two-story house. The house remained occupied until School District Two purchased the land. The house was burned, and the topsoil removed from the property.

Since the school district did not need the land, it was allowed to grow up with weeds and briars, and become a dumping ground behind choking honeysuckle vines.

The vision of two influential founding fathers of our community would soon change this eyesore. In 1994, the school district granted a lease for the park on a year-to-year basis. Volunteers began clearing the land of vines, underbrush, and old barbed wire fencing. These men, along with other members of the community, were committed to give something to Boiling Springs and its people, without government funding or assistance. Hours were spent mowing and weeding; donations were made for shrubbery and to replace a few of the trees that were lost. Businesses made contributions for its continuing upkeep.

Within the park, several areas have been preserved in a natural state to make learning a hands-on experience. Outdoor classrooms and picnic tables help make the park user friendly. There are sixty-four different species of trees represented in the park, including oak, umbrella pecan, black walnut, cottonwood, locust and dogwood. Nandina, azaleas, hosta and other plants line the walkways inside the park; a 1/4 mile asphalt walking trail surrounds the perimeter. This park was built with love – love for the community and love of nature. It’s a perfect setting for family and group gatherings. Everyone is invited to use the park.

Special recognition is extended to Ms. Mary Sue Cudd, granddaughter of the aforementioned James Bishop, for her generous contribution to our beloved park. She can never know the magnitude of her generosity.